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What if you are healthy, wealthy, and free all the time in your life?
What if you can get everything these things in your life by sharing with other people?
We started…Named and called “The Sharing of Happiness”.Let me explain very simply.

This is an example.You ask us to purify your unseen world by the nature power for a month.
By the Nature power, it keeps purifying your unseen world for 24hours for a month.
The Nature power purifies everything, not only for your physical problems, but also for buildings, and for lands, and etc etc.
If you have some problems, such as having stomach ach or sore shoulder problem, please contact us an each time through phone call,

e-mail, or LINE. We would purify your unseen world an each time by nature power.Please don’t hesitate contacting us anytime you want.

This is the case that if you introduce to someone (eg. your family members or your friends) about us

and getting purified your unseen world by the Nature Power,

and the person also wants to get purified his/her unseen world by the Nature power too.
We would get ¥10,000 of thankfulness for a month from the person that you introduced about us.

However, since you are the one who introduced about us to the person, when we get the ¥10,000 from the person,

we want to share ¥5,000 of thankfulness (which is a half of ¥10,000) with you.
It means that if you introduce about us and the Nature power to someone more,

you would get shared ¥5,000 of thankfulness multiple the number of the person that you introduced us.

This works only while you ask us to get purified your unseen world by nature power.

The Nature power becomes infinity power for the person who is genuinely grateful about this Nature power.

While you get purified your unseen world, you keep healthy.
(When you have some kind of healthy problem,

it means that you need to realize about yourself, since you are the one who has the responsibility of causing for the body condition problem.)

If you introduce about us more people, it leads them to be happier, then, you get wealthier.
Having more money would leads you to have more free time.This is what we started “The Share of Happiness.”

We hope more people get happier.

We thank to the nature power.



この浄化は、体調面に限らず、土地の浄化や建物の浄化 等々

この浄化を受けている貴方が、誰か(家族・友達・知人 等々)にこの自然力の話をして、








This site was created by Japanese and so meaning may be there slightly different. Plese feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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